Welcome to Casual Racing Mondays
What is Casual Racing Mondays?
Casual Racing Mondays is an Xbox club for motorsport fans of all skill levels that want to enjoy trouble-free racing online.
We currently play Project CARS 3 every Monday, check the Racing FAQ for details.
How to Get Started
2 • Change your nickname in the Discord server to match your Xbox Gamertag.
4 • Say hello in #casual_racing_mondays.

Community Rules & Guidelines
Casual Racing Mondays is a family-friendly "Safe for Work" community.
For rules and guidelines on the server and how to interact with the community, go here.
For rules and guidelines on how to race safely on-track, go here.

Join the Discord Server
All of the communication, announcements and updates take place in our official Discord server.
Everybody is welcome to join and hang out with like-minded fans of racing games and motorsport.
The History of Casual Racing Mondays
Casual Racing Mondays was founded in late 2017 as a place for Forza Motorsport 7 players to enjoy trouble-free racing online in a less competitive environment.
Initially hosted on the GTPlanet forum, the community moved to Discord in early 2018.
Racing sessions have been held every week since the club's inception, with players enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and hard (but fair) racing on offer.
Having explored everything Forza Motorsport 7 had to offer, various other games were used for weekly race sessions until a successor was found in 2020.
Ever since then Casual Racing Mondays has been competing in Project CARS 3, enjoying great racing every week.

The Founder of Casual Racing Mondays
Casual Racing Mondays is a community run by PJ Tierney.
PJ is a sim racing and motorsport enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in the videogame industry and 20+ years in sim racing.
He currently works as a Social Media Manager for a well-known racing game publisher, and in his spare time creates educational content on YouTube.