Community Goals & Values
Casual Racing Mondays is a club for people who play Forza Horizon 5 and want to enjoy trouble-free racing online.
Everybody is welcome, provided they are respectful to others both on and off-track.
In order to ensure these goals and values are met, there are rules and guidelines in place that everybody must follow.
Off-track rules and guidelines are further down this page.

How to Get Started
2 • Change your nickname in the Discord server to match your Xbox Gamertag.
4 • Say hello in #casual_racing_mondays.

Casual Racing Mondays is a "Safe for Work" Community
Under no circumstances should "NSFW", "NSFL" or similar content be shared or discussed in the Discord server.
Consider the entire Discord server to be "family friendly".

Community Rules & Guidelines
1 • Respect
Please treat other members and players and with respect at all times, whether it's in this server, or in-game.

2 • English Language Only
We have many players from all over the world, but to ensure the smooth running of the Discord server English is required. 
Occasional non-English voice chat may happen but text should be strictly kept to English only.

3 • Swearing
There may be occasional swearing, particularly over voice chat in the heat of the moment.
This is allowed in moderation, provided it's not abusive. Keep it to an absolute minimum in text chat.

4 • Identity
Your nickname in the Discord server should match your Xbox username. 
It makes things much easier in-game when it comes to invites and Xbox messages.

5 • Spam
Avoid excessive messages, images, formatting, emoji, commands, and @mentions.
If you're posting something in a text chat, please add enough context/opinion so that a discussion can be had about your chosen topic.

6 • Personal Information & "Doxxing"
Do not under any circumstances post anybody's personal information (ie: info they haven't publicly made available). 
Protect your own privacy and respect the privacy of others.

7 • Bullying
Do not harass, bully, abuse or excessively tease others, whether it be in-game, on the server, in private messages or elsewhere on the web.

8 • Offensive Content
Under no circumstances should you post racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+ or otherwise offensive content. 
Doing so is potential grounds for an immediate, permanent ban.

9 • Controversial Topics
Please do not discuss political, sexual or religious topics. 
These are complex and often spark controversial and offensive behavior. We're here to race, not to debate humanity's issues.

10 • Piracy
No discussions of piracy, illegal or otherwise suspicious content.

11 • Buying, Selling and Self-Promotion
No buying and selling of items is to be arranged within the Discord server, unless given permission by the administrator. 
Also, no aggressive self-promotion. Occasional links to your content are okay provided they are relevant to the community or an ongoing discussion.

12 • Gaming Staff 
Some people that work in the videogame industry are members of Casual Racing Mondays, however they're purely here to hang out and have fun, not to work. 
Respect peoples' time and inboxes, they're humans too. 
If you have a support issue with any game, seek out that game's official support channels (ie: its official website or Twitter profile).

13 • Discord Bots & Automation
Messages in the Discord server are supported by bots and other automated systems, some for security and others for additional features. 
Messages may be deleted by bots or server administrators from time to time, without warning.

14 • No-Context Messaging
Keep spam, low-quality and no-context messaging to a minimum. 
Discussion is an important part of any community and context even moreso.
When you share a link, a few lines of text explaining what it's about how how you feel about it are always welcome.
If people don't engage with what you share, then it probably wasn't worth sharing in the first place.

15 • Discord Terms of Service
You must be at least 13 years old to use Discord, and abide by all other terms and guidelines.

16 • Voice Chat and Broadcasting
If you are broadcasting a session and you are in the voice chat, you must inform everybody that the voice chat may be broadcast. 
Post in #casual_racing_mondays and provide a stream link before you go live.

17 • Scope of these Guidelines
These rules and guidelines are subject to "common sense" and are not exhaustive.
They may also change at ay time, however such updates are openly communicated to all server members when they are made.

18 • "Keep it Casual"
Most importantly, have fun! We're here to race, so enjoy your time in this community.
Despite the seriousness of the guidelines on this page, the Discord server is pretty relaxed, so come hang out, race with us, and have fun.