Game(s) and Schedule
What game(s) does this club use?
Currently, only Forza Horizon 5. 
We previously held sessions in GRID, Project CARS 3, Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7, but no longer actively race in these games.
We are always on the lookout for new and exciting racing games to play, and may change to a different title or run one-off sessions in the future.

What platform(s) do you play on?
Xbox & PC.
Forza Horizon 5 is a cross-platform title where players from each can race against one another.

When do you play?
Every Monday.

What time do you start?
20:00 (UK Time).

What time do you finish?
Around 22:00.

What cars do you use for the races?
Check #racing_calendar to see what we will drive every week.

Where do I find the latest news and chat with the community?
We run everything through the club's official Discord server.
Session Details
How long are the races?
Standard Forza Horizon length, about 5-10 minutes each.
There is a brief intermission after each race to allow people to swap cars and/or tuning setups.

Do I need to do all of the races?
Come and go as you please, it's a casual racing club, no pressure.

Do I need to be there at the start?
It would be nice if you're around for the start as quiet evenings tend to finish early, but you can come and go as you please.

Is there vehicle damage in these races?

Can I use the in-game assists?

Does this club run Championships or "keep score"?
The goal of this club is to provide fun racing no matter the skill level, and to not take things "too seriously".
Some of our players are highly skilled and/or competitive, but if you just want to simply show up and race, that's okay too.

Are there any rules I need to follow when driving?
Racing Etiquette covers the details but in short: Don't deliberately crash into people.

Cars and Tracks
Are any cars banned?
On some weeks we may use a specific car, or cars from a specific class, but no car alone is "blacklisted".

Can I tune and upgrade the cars?
You can also use other peoples' setups if you wish.

What tracks do we use?
Event types (road, dirt, cross-country etc.) are randomly chosen, we use a tool called #racebot for this.
We normally do 3 races of a chosen category before asking the bot to pick another.

Do I need to sign up to take part?
No, though being in the Discord server is a plus.

Can I invite my friends to lobbies?
Please only invite people who you think will race fair. Racing Etiquette applies to everybody, whether they're in the club or not. 
We generally prefer if those that are invited also join the Discord server. 
That way they become members of the community, understand our way of racing and help the club grow.

Can I invite my friends to the Discord server?

How do I join a race session?
Select PJTierney from your Xbox Friends List and pick "Join", then "Join Game".
If you can't join the game directly off of PJ or any other club member, ask for an invite in Discord.

Do I get an invite when the session starts?
All sessions are public and anybody can join.
Keep an eye on Discord for details.

Communication and Broadcasting
Do you use voice chat on Xbox or in-game?
No to both. 
Discord supports more people, is cross-platform, and uses higher quality audio, and Xbox's Party Chat is known to cause stability issues with some games.

Do you use voice chat on Discord?
There's a voice channel in the Discord server. English is the primary language used throughout the club. 
All communication must be respectful towards other members; jokes and "banter" are encouraged but abuse towards others will not be tolerated. 
Please also try to keep the discussion somewhat related to the racing action, and avoid NSFW topics if possible. 
Some players may be broadcasting their races (and chat) to Twitch/YouTube, so keep that in mind.
To speak, head to #welcome and follow the instructions.

Do I have to use the voice chat to race?
It'd be good to listen in though, incase there are any players trying to get your attention on-track or any lobby announcements are made.

Is there text chat during the races?

Can I broadcast my races on a livestream?

Can I broadcast the Discord server's voice chat on a livestream?
Yes, if you get permission from all members present.
If you are broadcasting a session and you are in the voice chat, you must inform everybody that the voice chat may be broadcast. 
Post in #casual_racing_mondays and provide a stream link before you go live.

How do I access the entire Discord server and speak in voice chat?
Head to #welcome and follow the instructions.

Miscellaneous Questions
How do I get better at racing games?
By playing and talking to fellow drivers. 
Never be afraid to ask for advice in #casual_racing_mondays. Even the best players started from the bottom. 
Also, PJ Tierney’s YouTube channel has several guides. The lessons and techniques you learn from one racing game will work across several others.

What if I have a question that's not answered here?
Ask in #casual_racing_mondays, people are always happy to help.