The Goal of the Club
  Race hard, but more importantly, race fair and have fun.

Spinning off the Track
Mistakes happen, and that's okay so long as you learn from them.
If you make a mistake and crash into another car, apologise and offer to let them pass you.
If you spin off the track, be careful when getting back on. Leave plenty of space and don't surprise other drivers. In short, do this.

Track Limits and Cutting Corners
 Do your best to stay within the track limits when you race.
This normally means keeping at least 2 wheels within the white lines at the edge of the road.

Project CARS 3 Penalty System
This club uses Project CARS 3's Penalty System in its lobbies.
This is an automated system where if the game thinks you are not playing fair, it will give you a penalty.
In short, if you go off-track and the game thinks that gives you an advantage, it will automatically slow you down for a few seconds.
Frequent penalties may decrease your in-game Safety Rating score, you can improve this score by racing cleanly.

Lapped Traffic
Races are short, but sometimes a driver who is struggling may get lapped by faster cars.
Lapped drivers are automatically ghosted in all standard race sessions, and will not impede the leaders.

Crashing into Other Cars
 Car-to-car contact can sometimes happen when battling hard against another player.
This contact must always be accidental, never try to deliberately hit another car.
If contact does happen, clear it up with the other driver over voice or text chat.
If you cause another driver to go off the track, offer to safely let them re-take the position when they rejoin.

Issues with Troublesome Players
 If a player is repeatedly causing trouble, let the Race Director know via a Discord message.
 A message may be posted in #casual_racing_mondays reminding player(s) to read up on their racing etiquette.
If the player in question is not in the Discord server, the host may reach out to them directly via an Xbox message.
 If a player it still causing trouble after such warnings, they may be removed from the lobby.